Spanish Flashcards and Drag-N-Match  

Spanish Flashcards assist in building and retaining Spanish vocabulary. Our unique Spanish Drag-N-Match! games allow children of all ages to learn new vocabulary words in a way that is more enjoyable than any textbook!

Spanish for Kids Spanish Flashcards and Drag-N-Match!
Flash cards are a simple, versatile, and effective teaching resource. Gardner's multiple intelligence theory states that there are many types of learners. To maximize effectiveness, teaching materials should be developed to appeal to all the different learner types. It is extremely important to appeal to visual learners, as a very high percentage of learners have this type of intelligence. We have spent seven years developing over 100,000 bright and colorful Spanish flash cards which are ideally suited to visual learners. Our Spanish flash cards are a powerful resource which can be utilized at every level of Spanish language acquisition. They are an excellent way to present new vocabulary and practice known vocabulary.

Popular Phrase: sentences using hacer | Spanish Lessons | Conjugated Verb: cebar - to fatten (animal) [ click for full conjugation ]